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Healthy Weight DNA Insight: Pathway Genomics

Healthy Weight DNA Insight: Pathway Genomics

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AFC is pleased to announce our newest service, Pathway Genomics. We will present you with your personalized metabolism, diet, nutrition and exercise report. This report is based on a DNA test and the lifestyle information that we will gather together. It is well-documented that genetics accounts for 40 to 70% of a person's predisposition to obesity. If you are thinking about starting a weight loss program or just maintaining a healthy diet, the goal of this test is to give you information about yourself that may help you modify your behavior.

It tests for a variety of genetic markers that have been found to influence diet, metabolism and exercise-related traits, as well as weight-related health conditions and medications.

Understanding a person’s genetic propensity to specific diets, eating behaviors, nutritional needs, exercise activity and various health conditions is important for true, long-term success in weight management.

For overweight or obese patients, Healthy Weight DNA Insight® may help with:

-Developing a patient-specific weight management plan.

-Making recommendations to improve overall health and wellness.

-Working to maximize energy levels.